Seen On Walks

When the shadow of a flower lights up a room
When a button at the end of its rope has nothing left to lose
When surrender is the greatest act of courage
Beauty is alive in the unrehearsed moment
- Elizabeth Carter


Seen on Walks

Seen on Walks was my first photo zine.  The collective group of photos contain images while walking in Rochester, NY. 

The act of walking, observing and documenting what I saw was the perfect outlet for me. Making a candid photo of a stranger was my way of interacting with someone when I desperately needed positive interactions. I wanted to say “hi” but instead as an introvert I made a photo. Other times, I'd engage in conversations with strangers, sometimes making a photo, and coming out of that experience feeling better than I started.  Walking and making candid photos of strangers continues to serve as a healthy outlet. I’m still addicted to searching out never seen again moments and gestures.

Seen on Walks was published magazine style, full bleed, with 39 color photos on 24 pages.  

  • Cover: 80# Semi-gloss (216 GSM) for heft and protection

  • Paper: 80# Matte text (118 GSM) paper

Forward by Elizabeth Carter.

It's available in person for $15 and with shipping for $18.

Sample photos below.