Boilermakers at the Bug Jar


Boilermakers at the Bug Jar

BatBJ is my second self produced zine.  Aside from walking and making candid photos of strangers on the street, going to shows at dive bars was another way I could be around people and support my urge to document.  By making photos of bands and the people who liked those bands, I found new friends and new subjects for my camera.  The best thing about these shows is that no one cared I was the aging guy with a camera.   I once cared a lot about music to write about it.  Now, I try to document the intimacy between the the bars, bands and the crowd.

Boilermakers at the Bug Jar was published in a 6x9 trade pamphlet with 78 pages of low resolution black and white photos.  My intention was to make it look like fanzines from the 80s.

It's available in person for $10 and with shipping for $15.

Sample photos below.