Olympus Infinity Jr.

Going through a recent funk was only made worse by selling a bunch of cameras I loved and used religiously. As luck would have it, a friend had a few to give away so she let me have them in hopes it would help the rut I was in.

One of the cameras was an Olympus Infinity Jr. After getting the camera and finding the manual online to read, I loaded it with some Kodak UltraMax 400 and did my best to what I usually do, shoot my way out of a funk.

After a few miles around Rochester, NY and a date night with my girlfriend, I finished a roll.

Some observations:

The autofocus on the Infinity Jr is pretty fast! The lens is sharp as well, better than a normal point and shoot. Some reviews have the Mju-ii, a camera I just sold, as being the better of the two, but I disagree. The flash and autofocus on the Jr I shot was better.

Downsides to other reviewers are that the camera is that it is slightly bigger than the mju-ii and the lens “isn’t as fast” as mju-ii. If those things bother you, then maybe you shouldn’t be shooting with point and shoot cameras. Not necessarily a design flaw but I had to be careful my index finger didn’t touch part of the lens. I could be wrong but the lens seems to be too close to the finger rest on the cover.

I’ll be reviewing the other cameras my friend gave me shortly.