Nikon L35AF

A friendly recently very kindly passed on a Nikon L35AF to me. After shooting a roll, I was pleased with how it performed.

It’s an interesting camera to use. I’d best describe it as an autofocusing Olympus XA2. The focusing meter is inside the viewfinder so you can tell if the camera is properly focusing by watching the meter as you make the photo. That’s all fine, except when you want to make quicker photos. As you use the camera, you will know whether or not to trust it with focusing.

The camera meters and focuses like any other camera. The lens quality is great for a point and shoot. You could spend more money on a “fancier” point and shoot or you could get this camera and have money left over for more film. I’d even save the money on a Olympus mju and get the L35 or an Olympus Infinity. You’ll get the same results, just not the same adulation from your peers because you bought a more expensive camera.

I used Kodak Gold 200 for this test roll.