10 Miles

It was a unusually nice March day yesterday so I took a personal day off from work to walk around Rochester. I intended to walk five to six miles then call it the day. Yadda, yadda, yadda, 10 miles in decided to call it quits. I had a walking partner, Jon Gary, with me most of the day. Normally, I am not fond of walking with someone while trying to get shots, but Jon doesn’t mind my pace, my yapping, me wandering away here and there and doesn’t compete for a shot.

Shooting in a smaller metro has it’s disadvantages. There’s less people out and about. I was telling a friend that when shooting street photography in a smaller city, you have to temper your expectations. You will never get what our counterparts get in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago or LA. A small city can look big and lively with a nice grouping of different photos that span a few years. Having said that, a good photo is still a good photo. And just because someone is in the photo, doesn’t make it a good candid street photograph. I’m not sure if I got any good photos. Time will tell. And subjectivity will kick in now that there are here for display.

Anyways, here’s some of the photos in the order in which they were taken. As you can see, many (or just most), can use some improving. I am rusty. I need to get that edge back, getting closer, anticipating and thinking ahead, working a scene (if it does happen) a bit more. I also tried to take some more observational photos, without people.

Overall, a day out shooting is better than a day not shooting. Hope you enjoy the photos.