I miss live baseball

Live baseball in Rochester is not until April 11th. I know because I’ve been counting down the days. I have tickets. Good ones too. My girlfriend likes to sit close among the season ticket holders. I don’t blame her. The baseball etiquette and friendliness is different among the hardcore fans. Sit next to them enough during the season and you become extended family. The only thing left to do is wait and anxiously look at the extended forecast that will change 100 times between now and then.

When they are on, I’ve been watching Dodger spring training games on tv. When tv isn’t an option, I listen on the radio. I’m glad the Dodgers didn’t sign Bryce Harper. I like having sports villains. Harper didn’t sign with us. Good. We didn’t want him anyways.

As a street photographer, I love going where the people are. Luckily I love baseball. And Frontier Field. It’s a ten minute walk from my apartment. More if I decide to have a slice at Pizza Stop on the way. There’s lots I miss about witnessing the atmosphere of a game. One is witnessing grown men feel young again by putting a jersey and having time stand still for nine innings.