Five photos: Rochester Red Wings Baseball

I've been documenting Rochester Red Wings baseball games I've been attending in 2017 and 2018.   It's a long term personal project so maybe in a few years I will make it into a book or exhibition of some sort.

Although I have made a few portraits, I've mostly made candid photos from my seats as I have yet to obtain a press pass to freely walk around the stadium and approach people.  Not having a press pass also limits the amount of games I can attend.  So, if anyone from the Red Wings reads this and is inspired to give me a press pass, contact me.   Or, if you would like your game documented (on Kodak film), buy me a ticket and I will photograph your day/night at the park. 

Certain themes have come about after about 300-400 frames.  One is the interactions of kids attending the games with the weather, players, stadium, food, other fans, and their parents.  Here's five quick low resolution scans.