Walking Rochester with Impossible Film

Packed away in storage I had a Polaroid Close-up that I bought in the late 90s.  After cleaning the rollers, I tried out a pack of Impossible Project black and white film from 2016.  I also decided to use the Tascam field recorder I have to experiment with sound recordings.  I have an exhibit coming up where I will have to give an artist talk.  The curator wants me to make some of these Walking Rochester videos for the event.  So .. practice, practice, practice!

The results are meh all around.  The sound is very choppy in some instances.  As for the film, it was definitely from the era when the Impossible Project was working out the kinks.  Apparently they have rebranded with Polaroid and have fresh and better stock.  Also, I am worried that the focusing on the camera is off.  It zone focuses but not too well.

After I get the Tascam working right, I will try with a fresh and not expired color pack and see what happens.